THIS IS A LIST OF BUY FORWARD COMPANIES — Those permanently committed to giving a significant portion (5+%) of their profits to worthy causes.

WHY DOES BUY FORWARD MAKE SENSE? More success means more money to their causes. And more companies doing this means more money to the worthiest causes. Read the vision.

WHY SHOULD YOU SUPPORT THESE COMPANIES? Because it costs you nothing and it will make the world better. The Buy Forward idea is, in itself, a cause worthy of support. This is because when “Buy Forward” companies beat their competitors, others will follow the lead, resulting in more engaged corporations.

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Company Products / Services Corporate Philanthropy
civicom Conferencing • Event Calls • Webinars • Marketing Research Services • Transcriptions • Hey DAN (Formerly Dial-A-Note) • Please.Do buyforward Committed to donating 10% of profits to charitable organizations helping the world’s poorest.
confertel Secure Conferencing • Webinar Experts @ Your Service • Custom IVR Applications buyforward Committed to donating 10% of profits to charitable organizations helping the world’s poorest.
teamspan Executive Virtual Assistance • Customer Connect Solutions • Creative and Web Solutions buyforward Committed to donating 10% of profits to charitable organizations helping the world’s poorest.
adigo Audio Conferencing • Web Conferencing • Event Conferencing • Video Conferencing buyforward Committed to donating 10% of profits to charitable organizations helping the world’s poorest.
lesserevil Snacks that are all natural, have lower fat, and are great-tasting. No trans-fats, no artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. buyforward Donates 10% of its profits to organizations that support the search for cures of Autism.
chocolatebar Premium quality chocolate bars made from responsibly grown cocoa beans. Available online and retail outlets. buyforward 10% percent of its profits are donated to protect endangered species.
untours Vacation packages throughout Europe, in unique and special locations. English speaking staff is available on-site. buyforward Channels all company profits to low-interest loans given to individuals and businesses.
newmansown Variety of condiments and beverages through grocery stores. buyforward 100% of profits are donated to educational and charitable causes.
stonyfield A variety of great-tasting, healthy yogurt, milk, and ice cream products through grocery and health food stores. buyforward Profits are donated to efforts that help protect and restore the earth.
benjerry Fun, premium ice cream through grocery stores, convenience stores, and scoop shops. buyforward Donates $1.1 million/year to charity. Dedicated to change present conditions that create social problems.
sitelutions Low cost domain registration, hosting, and server colocation. buyforward 10% percent of profits are donated to the charity of the customer’s choice.
edenbotanicals Crystallized essences, essential oil blends, incense, and accessories. buyforward Donates a minimum of 5% to a variety of organizations that are helping to preserve our fragile environment.
target Discount merchandise retailer with over 1,500 stores around the world. buyforward Gives 5% of its income to communities.
givesomethingback Has become the largest independent office supply company in the western region. buyforward Donates over 50% of its after-tax profits to Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
belu First carbon neutral bottled water. buyforward All profits go to clean water projects.
iamapeacekeeper Mineral makeup and cosmetics. buyforward First cosmetics line to give all of its after-tax, distributable profits to urgent human right issues.
finnegans Locally brewed beer. buyforward Gives 100% of its profits to local charities.
goodworksfinancial Insurance coverage. buyforward 50% of its annual profits are donated to fund education, health care, or safety programs in local communities.
tomsofmaine Personal care products. buyforward 10% of its profits are used to support the environment, human needs, the arts, and education.
patagonia Great apparel and accessories for outdoor activities via catalog, online store, and retail outlets. buyforward Donates 1%-10% of profits to environmental organizations worldwide. Member of 1% for the planet.
heb Operates 320 retail grocery stores in Texas and Northern Mexico. buyforward Supports causes in the communities it operates in, including education and food banks.
cleanbottle Designed for easy cleaning and drying so that moldy water bottles are a thing of the past. buyforward 10% of its profits are donated to eco-friendly charities.
oakhurstdairy Dairy products. buyforward Helps organizations that promote healthy kids and a healthy environment.
decimuswine Premium Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. buyforward Donations are used to provide clean drinking water in parts of the world where it is needed.
soloeyewear Sunglasses and eyewear. buyforward Donates 10% of its profits to help provide glasses and cataract surgeries for the needy.
wholefoodsmarket Supermarkets specializing in natural and organic foods. buyforward Stores hold community giving days where net sales are donated to nonprofit or educational organizations.
givingthroughjewelry Handmade jewelry with buying it forward in mind. 10% of all sales go to buyer’s choice of charity. buyforward 10% of all sales goes to charity.
beessential Lip Balm, Hand & Body Cream, and Sulfate-Free & Paraben-Free Products. buyforward Pledged to give 10% of its net profit from all sales to environmental and social causes through their charity website partner,
propertypartnership A uniquely personalized and community-oriented estate agency, offering the highest quality sales service to the residents of Barnes, Kew, Richmond, Sheen and St. Margaret’s. buyforward Donates 5% of all profits to charities and good causes within Barnes, Kew, Richmond, Sheen and St. Margaret’s.
widerplan Wider Plan provides employee benefits solutions and administration services. buyforward Donates at least 5% of profits to children’s charities.
scjohnson Home cleaning, air care, pest control, home storage, auto care. buyforward Donates 5% of its pre-tax profits to charitable causes since 1979.
plmr PLMR is Political Lobbying and Media Relations, a communications company. buyforward Donates 5% of net profit to charitable causes every year.
lightwellinc Develops, implements, and manages technology solutions that answer today’s critical business challenges. buyforward Donates at least 5% of profits to organizations in support of disadvantaged women, youth and veterans.
abacuswealth Wealth and investment management. buyforward Donates a minimum of 5% of profits to charity.
chobani Proud to be America’s #1 Greek Yogurt. Making delicious, nutritious, natural, and accessible Greek yogurt right in the U.S. buyforward Ten percent of Chobani profits go to charity.
lemurbags Lemur Bags go straight to organizations supporting lemur conservation projects in Madagascar. buyforward Donates 15% of its profits from Lemur Bags to help solve the lemur crisis.
orvis A trusted brand in the world of fly fishing and industry leader in innovative dog products, with a variety of offerings on apparel and accessories for outdoor activities. buyforward Committed to donating 5% of its pre-tax profits to causes that protect nature.
sandcloud A beach lifestyle company on a mission to help save marine life, selling high quality beach towels, blankets, and apparel. buyforward Committed to donating 10% of profits organizations that help preserve marine life.